High angle view of table served for thanksgiving dinner with family

Working in the kitchen sometimes take so much time. For the career women who have the limited time at home, planning the food menu for family need so much thinking. Cooking also takes time, starting from the preparation, serving and cleaning up the kitchen. Saving time in cooking is indeed very necessary so that the food is still warm when the eating time. Here are some tricks for you to save more time preparing the food menu in the kitchen.

Weekly Food Menu

It may look trivial, but planning a weekly food menu can save more of your time in the kitchen. You don’t need to think more about what will you cook today. Make a note every early in the week of what food menu you will cook for a week. Take a look at that note every day and just start cooking. This will save more of your time every morning.

List Your Grocery Needs Every Day

Sometimes when you are often shopping monthly, there are some ingredients that are forgotten. This will take us more time, we will busy looking for the missing ingredients. List the grocery needs daily will help you remember each thing. After planning the daily food menu, you can easily find out what ingredients you need for each food menu.

Prepare The Ingredients Before Hand

If you already find out what you will cook the next morning, prepare the ingredients the night before so that you can save more time in the morning. You can wash the vegetables or fruits and then cut it into pieces at night. Sometimes you need to give lemon extract or salt to keep it fresh. Then store it in the storage and put it in the refrigerator.


Keep Away The Gadgets

You may need to listen to the music or checking up the recipes from your gadget while cooking. But if you pay too much attention to your gadget, or even checking up your social media while cooking, you will be wasting too much time. Keep away your gadget if it not really necessary so that you can cook and also clean the kitchen directly.

Washing The Utensils Directly

Rather than waiting for all the food menu finish, it is better to wash the utensils directly. Start from the utensils which already been done one by one. When you are done with your cooking, you will no longer need to wash all the utensils.