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Texas Knows Beef: A History of Texan Cows, Cowboys, and Cattle

Texas has become a relative paradise for foodies around the world. Food seems to be engrained into Texas as a whole and its culture is founded upon beef. Beef is the king of all meats in Texas. America has an insane per capita beef consumption that is only rivaled by Argentina and Hong Kong. Who is delivering all of that beef? Well, that would be Texas.

The Beginning

When it comes to beef, there are plenty of famous places to visit in Texas. From sizzling steakhouse restaurant Fort Worth TX to charred chicken fried steak in Dallas, Texas lives and breathes beef. Cow first arrived in Texas in the early 1800s. The Texan cow was bread strong, sturdy, and hardy, able to go up and down long trails and produce fantastic rich and fatty steak cuts. After the Civil War, a steak was cheap in Texas; it always has been. But, post-Civil War the north had a hungering for the delicious meat product and were willing to pay a mint to eat it. While a head of cattle was about $1.50 in the Southern States, in the North, it was going for around $40.00. In order to take advantage of this, Texas farmers decided to start moving cattle up north on the now famous cattle trails.

Insert Cowboys

In order to take advantage of northern prices, Texan farmers started shuttling their cattle up north. These famous trails spawned one of American cultures finest icons, the cowboy. These ranchers would herd cattle all across the United States in order to sell them to areas where cattle raising wasn’t deeply ingrained into their heritage.

Riches Made and Lost

During the late 1800s, cattle were big. Many ranchers and farmers enjoyed wealthy lives. In fact, these ranchers weren’t only men, there were famous female ranchers as well. By the turn of the century, the industrial revolution and modern farming practices had all but wiped out the famous ranches of the past.

Texas Beef

Texas has some of the best beef in the world. The beef itself is rich and fatty, while the lean cuts are particularly lean due to the hard-muscular cattle. Texas has a few breeds of cattle. In particular, the Texas longhorn is the most formidable and widely spread Texan cattle. If you have eaten at a steakhouse in America, there is a good chance that you are eating longhorn cattle.

How to Cook Texas Beef

If you want to cook Texas Cow, make sure to start off with a handful of salt. Cover the meat with salt and leave it out for a few minutes. Then, as with most beef, you want to stick it on a very hot cast iron skillet and brown both sides. You want a brown charred outside and a red meaty inside.

We hope this very brief history of Texas cattle will help you understand Texas better and beef better in general. Texas cattle helped spawn the Cowboys and were the source of found and lost fortunes. Texas beef is American beef, and we have darn good beef.

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Simple Hen Recipes For Dinner

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Food Menu


Working in the kitchen sometimes take so much time. For the career women who have the limited time at home, planning the food menu for family need so much thinking. Cooking also takes time, starting from the preparation, serving and cleaning up the kitchen. Saving time in cooking is indeed very necessary so that the food is still warm when the eating time. Here are some tricks for you to save more time preparing the food menu in the kitchen.

Weekly Food Menu

It may look trivial, but planning a weekly food menu can save more of your time in the kitchen. You don’t need to think more about what will you cook today. Make a note every early in the week of what food menu you will cook for a week. Take a look at that note every day and just start cooking. This will save more of your time every morning.

List Your Grocery Needs Every Day

Sometimes when you are often shopping monthly, there are some ingredients that are forgotten. This will take us more time, we will busy looking for the missing ingredients. List the grocery needs daily will help you remember each thing. After planning the daily food menu, you can easily find out what ingredients you need for each food menu.

Prepare The Ingredients Before Hand

If you already find out what you will cook the next morning, prepare the ingredients the night before so that you can save more time in the morning. You can wash the vegetables or fruits and then cut it into pieces at night. Sometimes you need to give lemon extract or salt to keep it fresh. Then store it in the storage and put it in the refrigerator.

Keep Away The Gadgets

You may need to listen to the music or checking up the recipes from your gadget while cooking. But if you pay too much attention to your gadget, or even checking up your social media while cooking, you will be wasting too much time. Keep away your gadget if it not really necessary so that you can cook and also clean the kitchen directly.

Washing The Utensils Directly

Rather than waiting for all the food menu finish, it is better to wash the utensils directly. Start from the utensils which already been done one by one. When you are done with your cooking, you will no longer need to wash all the utensils.…

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Flavored Coffee on A Cold December Evening

Curled up on my couch, one cold evening in December, I was watching television. While the fire crackled in the fireplace, here I was in my onesie pajamas. I stood up and looked out the window and saw the snow continuing to fall. I thought to myself, “I guess I won’t be driving anywhere soon. A nice cup of coffee would be great right about now.”

I went into my kitchen to check if I had any kind of Starbucks K Cup Pod products left in my pantry. I reached out for the box, but it was empty. “Argh, what to do, what to do?” I said. I hate it when I get a craving for something specific and I either run out or it’s nowhere near to be found. In this case, crème brûlée flavored coffee. In fact, I had no pods at all to brew. I looked around the kitchen cupboards and found that I had an old coffee maker and some vanilla macadamia nut flavored coffee I had for times when I run out of coffee pods.

I went online for a crème brûlée creamer recipe. I watched a video and read all the ingredients needed. I was in luck, I had all the ingredients and it didn’t look too difficult to make. I brewed the coffee in the coffee maker then started making the creamer. Brown sugar and vanilla extract were the main ingredients in this recipe. Several minutes had passed, the coffee in the coffee maker was ready, the do-it-yourself creamer was also ready. I combined the coffee with the creamer and it was absolutely delicious. I saved the recipe in a kitchen drawer and stood there sipping on my cup. “Hmm…” I felt like something else was missing, perhaps something to nibble on. When I’m at a coffee shop, I normally get a pastry with my coffee; however, I have no skills whatsoever in making pastry. I was not going to attempt anything pastry-making.

I decided to make something super simple that I remember eating in daycare when I was a child: Cinnamon toast. I grabbed a few slices of bread and popped them into the toaster. Then I walked over to my pantry and grabbed a bottle of cinnamon and some sugar. I opened the fridge door and scooped up a tablespoon of butter. “Voilà!” cinnamon toast. I grabbed my cinnamon toast and coffee and went back to the couch to see what was on the television. Coincidentally, a television show about simple holiday recipes with common household ingredients was playing. It featured on how to make simple sugar cookies and eggnog.

I spent the rest of the evening on my couch. I went back to the kitchen for another refill of coffee and homemade creamer. The cinnamon toast was all gone, the plate full of crumbs. The television kept on with the programs as I added more firewood to the fireplace. The house was warm and I was warm. The fire kept crackling and I slowly drifted off into auto-pilot. Before I knew it, I went to bed but could not fall asleep. I guess the refills caught up to me that night.